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LeAndre Thomas Lyrics

JID – LeAndre Thomas Lyrics

This is beautiful
What is that, velvet?

[Verse 1]
Pardon me, but this shit might come out a little retarded
But I have to put my heart in it, give the orderlies orders
Here's an organ
According to the wall these niggas started, I have to go abortion
Killing niggas and broads like, Tam, Tammy, and even little Toya
Put a baby crib in front of my fort tourist and fucking floor it
Might as well cause these bitches is dumb as hell
Having a baby with males and raising them by themselves
These niggas is all in jail, the streets are on some tweet shit
Kicking up they feeds, kids got nothing to eat shit
These bitches is on some street shit and I ain’t cheat bitch
But if you think I'm tricking then Ctrl, Alt, Delete bitch
Get up off the seat, snap, snap
Cause you gotta show me something other than pretty face and features
And it would be cool to say I drop bars for features
But nah, I been kicking dope shit since a fetus
Na I don't need your rap bars on my remix
Turn Soulja Boy tell ’em into Soulja Boy teethless
Ask about the kid, J.I.D, older boys preaching
Teaching the opposite of squealing

East Atlanta breath
And my breath is never stink
I just smoked a blunt, high as hell

[Verse 2]
And If every you was to act foolish
One call, that's all, nigga, [?]
I ain't saying I'm goonin, but I been through it
And them two, plus you, equals three stooges
You got the mind, nigga use it
Got two strikes, finna be your third time losing
You fucking stupid, I'm cooling
Blowing some earth, wind, and fire
I use my Bic to ignite it
Where I'm from niggas glorify the rims and the tires and then recycle the swag along with cans and bags
Everybody goes green if not that, then beans or Xans, codeine, lean
Some doing the Charle Sheen
And the boys come and take them away like Charline from Aunt Chamberlain
Scrambling for Benjamins and everything equivalent
Sending M&Ms and chilling with women friends who's friend's friend resemble them
Hundred grand, all tens

You already know what it is
Oh these boys got us too flexed up
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