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You're A Jerk Lyrics

JID – You're A Jerk Lyrics

Not that I'm the shitter
I just made me a Twitter
Your bitch hit me up and now I'm poking in her liver
She say her man real, but really I'm much realer
You had her smoking mid and I'm a purp dutch filler
Now let's talk about my skrilla
You see how fast the car go
Got so much bread I got robbed my Wells Fargo
I hit it like Harpo, I spill off in the Vette
On the way to my private port bout to leave in my private jet
Got a couple private bitches, privately getting badder
And they mad cause I'm not touching on they privacy
I'll rolling up, mama lay back, lay back in my Maybach
Lay back in my Maybach as I crack open up this eight pack
Lay back in my Maybach as I crack open up this eight pack
And stop touching on my eight back
I see through you just like Apex
DVD recorder, J.I.D immortal
Can't buy love, but I promise I can afford you
The way the shoes and the shirt fit so cordial
The [?] sit high, the scents on fire
The tint so fly, did I mention that I'm high
I can't explain on all the money that I spent on I
Well just explain all the money that I managed to acquire
You saying that I ain't hot, you's a motherfucking lier
You let the gay new boys get signed off "You're a Jerk"
You can't tell me that a man with my flow should not be heard
Bar for bar, word for word, I'm so disturbed
And I'ma be on top of my shit so I'ma turd
Keep your ears to the street, you nerd
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