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Bakin' Lyrics

JID – Bakin' Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I never made my bed when I wake up
I never had a job and if I did, I'd quit it after the pay cut
Swinging on the branches, a gorilla in the night
Don't wanna wake up the lions, tell your boys [Tread light and step soft.]
Wake up the kush with the iced coffee
I often dissolve diluted rappers with dissolvent
Ballsy young brawler jaws clenched snarling
Growling a hundred and fifty pounds of astounding
Throw my E's Up from Cali to stone mountain
Can't my mind on my dome
Dammit if I stood on my money, I'd shrink a little bit
Being broke make you think a little bit
Not a bit about the shits
If you with it, then how you gon' get it
High in the kitchen dodging cop shots and the swastickas
Shorty all fine and provocative, for now I need oxygen
But later we could get it popping, Mary Poppins
Cause you all fly and you popular
The “X” man.] tripping
He outside of the Waffle House, he's got the choppers out
Put down that bacon where all that beef you that you was talking bout

[Verse 2]
Screws missing maybe
Screws losse [?] I'm missing daily
Ain't no time to waste now, I'm out [?] the pavement
Playing on the phone, what you want you ain't finna play me
Orders raised, oh well, the first is on the [?]
Tryna meet me where I'm staying, just meet me where I tell you
Show me love on the scale bruh, you get just what I sell you
I'm stressed out, I used to do a lot, I do less now
So when niggas scheme and plot, I get left out
Got niggas asking how he rap so good
Cause niggas [?] cause they act so good
Every track identical from front to back, I can't listen
It's wack, don't be offended, it's just a nigga's opinion
Cause maybe if my shit ain't hitting when they hear my shit
And maybe my shit make [?]
I smoke chronic, I'm bout to show niggas how I'm a problem
And the ying-yang gon' wonder why I talk I talk, bitch

[Verse 3: Mike G]
I made it my life's purpose to put rappers in hearses
And move around this earth to acquire what I deserve
I got rhymes that will make beats need [?]
All these bitches should know my intentions
I'm playing hopscotch [?] these hot shots
Since we playing Scarface, [?] is my block
I promise I will never stop going in
Tell anyone who questions to guess again
And congratulations to whoever is next to win, but
I get love, sometimes I'm feeling like the President
These rappers are actors that should take five, go hide
I said [?] bring 'em alive
Hard enough to play this game called life try to survive
And knowing you get hate, you should take it and strive
Now I'm strolling through the south and I'm rolling through backwoods
I can bring [?] the world out the house
I can come out with purple rain in the drought
How could you live without this
I'ma show you all we gotta do is the best you could
To think like the most than your mind, I'm that good
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