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Grand Theft Auto Lyrics

JID – Grand Theft Auto Lyrics

[Intro: J.I.D & Chiiirp]
System overload (Overload system)
Watch the throne (You'll get overthrown)
At the bar drunk (Overthrown)
Under the influence (In the overcoat)
Roll up that kill (I'm tryna oversmoke)
Word to Mr. Willie Nelson (Now tell me what's a weed head overdose)
I'll wait (Let me know)
I got the flow (But I want all of the boatload)
So let me go

[Verse 1: J.I.D]
I told niggas, I ain't no rookie
I ain't no punk bitch and I ain't no pussy
I know pussy like a gyno
You are what you eat, treat the pussy like a gyro
Duckin' duckin' shots, duckin' cops, like the 5-0
Swerve on the beltway I drive with a blindfold
I unfold truth, palm reader just spittled
Eyes low, nigga tote a smith like Milo
Niggas act pussy, I thought you niggas was guys though
Absent dad, they need guidance, I spilt like a broke fire hydrant
"How you's a bitch?" My bitch shout when she spot 'em
Shawty a miss but there there she's a rider
Ridin' through the city with my nigga right beside me
And my bitch that I just scooped from pilates
The same one that popped at ol' boy, who shot ya?
Seemed kinda monotonous ol' boy, yo' posse
Start resemblin' pasta, pussy ass kids
Make me sick like shrimp, crab and lobster
Life is a film needin' a dope porn oscar
Dick chopper, blocka blocka
Young niggas hop off the block and fuck the block up
Just to get locked up and seen by the balls they got
'Cus by the bar and the law they talk
It's already and to owe a nigga menage a trois
I look up to the sky and thank God I are
A reflection of himself set inside my flaws
Set aside my sins, set aside my love
Silly bitch get inside my car
[?] bitch
Gotta go bitch
J.I.D bitch, uh

[Verse 2: J.I.D]
All black on at my wedding, bucket ass naked at my funeral
Can't 9 to 5 in no lil' ass cubicles
Boss yellin' at me, say it's weed in my cuticles
Put it on the scale, the rap shit lookin' beautiful
Stretch my palms into the atmosphere, I fear nothing
I hear I hear nothing, fuck a tear for buckets
Warren Buffett, buffet rap, dinner for lunches
Delightful, y'all seem spiteful
I too used to be a little bit like you
Nah who I'm lyin' to, if I was ever like you
I would need some pills, a knife, prob'ly a rifle
Somethin' I could die to
Anyways, they shine, I wan' shine too
Let the diamonds blind you
While the blood of the child who mined- never mind
I'm diggin' through your mind, do you mind? Whatever's fine
You very fine and I can't pay you no never mind
Light skin girl transform to decepticon
I'm tryna catch mine like megatron
But she don't hear me on the megaphone jack
This make a uhh hella bomb

[Outro: Marian Mereba]
You're all in a twisted mind
Other bright then go misfit ride
On your feet when you hear the sound
The diamond of mind of mine
What a find
There are no ordinary thoughts
In an extraordinary mind
Are no ordinary thoughts
In an extraordinary mind
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