I don't have any excuses
They give me too much room to think
I don't harbor any censors these days
Guess I had a little too much to drink

It brought tears of joy to see you
Sure is good to take your hand
With everything that you've considered
So glad to see you are on the mend

Bet you're ready for the difference now
To come to life, to take a hold
Double six up from the boneyard shuffle
Joshua leveled Jericho
Tom Domino

Set 'em up for the days you've got coming to you
Got to keep that hand close to your vest
You knocked them down
And watch them roll on out
In a circle to the cross in the west

I hope you like your new name
I think it suits you pretty well
I think you've earned your right
To lay your claim on
Every star and every wish that ever fell

Emo rockers at the costco
In a honda mini-van
Stocking up on powder milk and diapers
We all just doing the best we can
That's the plan
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Tom Domino Lyrics

Jeff Black – Tom Domino Lyrics