Close your eyes 

And let things happen

 in a natural way

Let it roll
Down through the ages and

Don't let it slip away

Away old trouble

Don't let no one tear you down

 you've got eyes now go and dream it with

The strength that you have now

 I've seen spirits in the wild wood

 I've seen cause go spilling out

 I've drank more drink than I've needed to

Just to find my heart
 in a dark old memory

 in my life there's a breaking day

And I swear that I will make it through

 somehow someway
 somehow someway

Shadowbox in the full moon light

Call you out to defend my name

 time is on my side old friend

 I'm on my way
 I'm on my way

 I know clarity lives in a light house

 on a hill outside of town

She don't come to see the poor folks at all

 I guess we best just drag her down

 down by the river

 for my witness I will wait

I will catch you with my canepole dream

I won't let it slip away

 no I won't let it slip away
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Slip Lyrics

Jeff Black – Slip Lyrics