I wish that I could be an indian
On a painted pony so fast
No one could ever catch me
Or get caught up in my past
I'd ride and cross many rivers
Use many moons to tell time
And I'd tell all the young warriors
(Many moons ago this was mine all mine

Same old river same old sea
Same old water rushing over me
Same old moon same old sun
Same old race that we've always run

I wish that I could be a pirate
And sail the ocean blue
Way before the big liners
Started sailing there too
I'd bury most of my treasure
So I wouldn't leave a big hole
And the only real sense of pleasure I'd ge
Is that I would sail free in my soul

I wish that I could be a slave y'all
It really wouldn't matter what kind
I'd sing a song for fallen angels
And try to be free in my mind
Then when no one was looking
I'd drop my harness and plow
I'd find my old contemporaries
And wipe the shame from their brow
I wish that I could be an outlaw
Riding from the laws of time
An old vigilante against the seasons
That I can't help but rewind
I'd always keep my revolver
Steady and fast at my side
And I'd rob a train bound for glory
If I thought I needed a ride
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Same Ol' River Lyrics

Jeff Black – Same Ol' River Lyrics