In the summertime in our neighborhood
Of an evening into the night
We used to play ghosts out in the graveyard
Just beyond the backporch light
Late one night when I was hiding out
Up in a weeping willow tree
I seen a meteor just fade away
And man it made a change in me

I thought we would live here forever
I thought we would learn to fly by now and not fall
And all the time we spend together
Really ain't no time at all

From my nest up in the willow tree
I could see them ghosts run through the light
And I heard mothers call their children home
To come on in out of the night
So one by one they started running
So I hurried down to say so long
But before I hit the ground to say goodbye
They were gone

I hear echoes in the evening
I see a weeping willow tree
And I tell them ghosts out in the graveyard
Don't be scared it's only me

The roses bloom and then they fade away
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Ghosts In The Graveyard Lyrics

Jeff Black – Ghosts In The Graveyard Lyrics