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Cruisin Lyrics

Jay Prince – Cruisin Lyrics

I tell 'em I'm cruisin', ridin'
Coastin', ridin'
I tell 'em I'm cruisin', ridin'
Coastin', ridin'
I tell 'em I'm cruisin', ridin'
Coastin', ridin'
I tell 'em I'm cruisin', ridin'
Coastin', ridin'
I tell 'em I'm cruisin', ridin'
Coastin', and this time I'ma get it right
Cruisin', cruisin
Ridin', and this time I'ma get it right now
Ridin', coastin'
And this time I'ma get it

[Verse 1]
I come through, I tell a nigga like this
Can a kid get some, huh?
It's been a long time comin' but we on, uh
They sayin', "Jay don't kill 'em, hold on, uh"
And it's the same old feelings so the hate, don't feel it
Hold up my nigga, better know what's up
True love in the hood, homie yes sir
But really you don't really wanna get it messed up
My dad never said anything when he left us
Put me on that disk when you're sayin' the next up
And I don't give a damn if you're tokin' the best stuff
It still will be a show if you're callin' my name up
Yeah I kill 'em with the flow, this is time that we take off
I ain't waitin' for later, nigga I've been patient
If you ain't feelin' it, go and find a replacement
I tell 'em that it's time that I get it
This time I'ma ride for my niggas
Dream Club be the squad for a minute
Yeah I said it, don't forget it
Yeah we in it, I ain't finished
Take time, better feel it
You affiliated by association, no joke, I ain't playin'
I'm just hopin' that we make it out this joint right
Oh this is just another night
Of a nigga thinkin' deep when he can't sleep
Niggas still weep, defeat the real peace
Best believe real niggas really be up in the east
How she feelin' when she be up in the sheets


[Verse 2]
And I was never finished, I could say this the beginnin'
Just to show you I'ma kill it, told my mama that I did it
I'm speakin' from the heart so I'm knowin' that you feel it
A couple years back nobody wanted to get involved
That's okay though, I know how the feeling
That's a good thing, on both ends, chosen one
Brother from the east side, road made tough
Made us, lay off, gonna blow like the propane dust
[?] play fast in the game
I'm just tryna be the balance, I'm just tryna be the game changer
The name they suck
This shit just make a homie wanna bump, just wanna write
This shit make you wanna fight for your rights
I'm livin' in a world where they will come for your life
"Oh why?" That''s the question that they ask all the time
Time, I ain't really had enough of that
My dad walked out when he had enough of us
So really I had to be the man, I had enough of rap
Teach my little bro how to live life without a map
Really wish it didn't have to come to that
Really wish the homies that said they had my back had my back
But really that's reality, I still got my sanity
Who you really got if you don't got your family?
Damn, I've been livin' life like a sin, no lie
And now they want to tell me that the Sun don't shine
Maybe I just wanna go and make things right
Maybe I just wanna go wild for the night


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