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Cherish Lyrics

Jay Prince – Cherish Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Look, tears running down from my eyes
Painting pictures of living better just seems so distant
Mama got a second job but now she's working weekends
You want me out on weekends?
Getting out of my mind, I never got the meaning
This shit just feels defeating
Or maybe feels depleting
I swear I'm fighting demons
Up to the point where everything just started losing meaning
And I don't need no industry friends 'cause it lacks the feeling
And I ain't out here preaching
If anything I'm out here seeking some guidance for living better
I hope you pree the sequence
Something I believe in (love)
Something I'm retrieving (us)
Gotta keep on breathing ('cause)
Everything has reason (trust)
Something I'm tryna get better at
Pops had me chilling for a minute
It gets litty, rekindling old flames
Baby, let's get jiggy and figure the whole thing
Now it's more conversation baby, grown things
Call me up or something, maybe ask me how I feel
Instead of talking 'bout the bullshit that's rotating in the world
Like, he did this and they be feeling who?
And she's leaving with him and she's fucking the crew?
I swear I never gave two shits
Life full of obstacles, them blessing through the movement
This be a reminder like 'my nigga, no excuses'
This ain't nothing new, everybody been through this
This been a reminder like 'my nigga, [?]'

Gimme that 3 in the morning
Planets in orbit
Sitting in my shower like I wanna know
It's good when it's coming
Eating like a savage tonight, tonight
Gimme that simple, lift me up
This is us, this is us
What you need
What you crave
What you think
What you fiend for
Enemies in G's, I'm a fiend
Give you that simple love
Simply good, simple things
Yeah, simple

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