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The Trip Lyrics

Jay Prince – The Trip Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jay Prince]
Started back in '04
This that thing that make you wan' bounce
All my niggas know what this is
We done come along way but we're here right now
All my niggas from the east side know
Shouts to my girl from the west side yo
Never really had much but it's all good though
Saving up a little cash so I can go to these shows
Back in '011 I was listening to Cole
That nigga cold, went to Koko for the first time with a bro
Since then I've been thinking man I gotta do shows
Since then I've been thinking man I gotta go on, gotta go hard
Tryna tell moms that it's all good, we gon' get through this though
I'm tryna tell pop, better man up or you better find a new home
Man of the house, I'm the man of the mo'fuckin' hour
Since [?] I can say I got a little more power
Since then I can say I've been blessed
Comes with a bit of stress, but it's all good
I guess it comes with the territory
Story of my life dawg
And for a while I was chillin' with the wrong dons
Probably thinkin' that your boy was on somethin'
Tryna find somethin'
Tryna find soul, tryna find my soul but...

[Hook: Fabienne]
I ain't the same these days, you ain't wrong
After the trip
I know the world keeps turnin'
Oh Lord I pray I never stop learnin'
See I took off my shoes and started running in the rain
Found some beauty in that pain
Know I wouldn't change a thing
When the world keeps turnin'
Oh Lord I pray I never stop learnin'
I just wanted a trip

[Verse 2: Jay Prince]
Look, it's all good now, all good now
See me reminiscing, nowadays kinda different
How I'm living ain't the same, say Jay changed
I did it for the best, try to live, maintain
No time for the lames, had to change my lane
Had to pave my way
But the craziest thing, I was a main for the game
Cause the game ain't the same no more
The pain never went, just more
The grind doesn't have no laws
It's time to defy my flaws
Held back to express my soul
They're back cause I guess they want more
They back cause they want some more
It's crazy how life works out for a brother from the east side
Life worked out for a brother on the east side of that LDN
And tell your friends this jsut the beginning
I was never finished, young kid chilling
Promise I'ma get it cause it's all I really got up in the city that I live in
So I figured that I gotta make a difference, said I can't complain
Cause nowadays niggas all sound the same
Somethin' I ain't even proud to say, but it's the truth
I don't speak it then nobody else will
Nobody else feels nobody else will
Nobody no no no, cause nobody no no no
Said nobody no no no, cause nobody no no knows
And that's the truth right there
And this is really how I feel right here
I'm livin' in a city where it's cold out here
And we're just looking for some hope I swear, aw yeah


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