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Fountains / Youth Lyrics

Jay Prince – Fountains / Youth Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Take your time make your mind up
Maybe we can vine take a minute to a night
And end up calling every night I know everything you like
Your are just telling you about
How the stars in the sky was made for you you
I like how you thinking and how we made this very possible
It sucks when I’ve been overthinking lately I’ve been drinking
For instance for instant answers have been instant
Cry my heart that has got my shit together
I really beat the situation i say love is what we got
Everything that keeps me going when I’m going through a lot
I have the keys through chains and threw the locks
And those cops will kill me if I live up to the image won’t give up
I need you i won’t deceive you I don’t believe you
I need to leave you I need to see you just be you
That's all I know when everything that I was thought
Above from God to take the truth from her
I got to see the worst of you the point of you of myself and
My mother baby brother calling bawling cause he heard the noise next door
That's the whip and that’s thee kick
And all that punching and thing and such
Thank you much but what is love
Just belive and trust your guts

[Verse 2]
Fuck is up I was looking up to mom to find my love
Luck is up now I’m out here trying to look for such and such
I was beating around the bush while she was beating by the punch
Fuck is up now I’m out here trying to look for such and such
But enough of the bullshit I’ve witnessed
I could not sleep and I was missing all my hope and love
I Won’t give up this music kept me music saved me
Yea this music gave me everything I ever wanted
This music gave me love

[Verse 3]
I just woke up early in the morning for the lack of damn bus
Make that money mama tell me I should
When you look into the mirror tell me what did you see
Strong black man I ain’t free I ain’t me
I ain’t see the quality in around minds
And bring your money that way where the sun don’t shine nigga
I don't mind take your time cause they my ride
I with a couple grooms and a whip true shit couple glues getting
Hits thats ok thats alright If i die I know I tried
I know they lied about some things
Thats right you do forget that I ain’t mad at you
Forget that what you trying to do is sucks when they try
Hold you back hold you back hold you down that's a fact
Now I’m just trying to get my ends together
Left before I came back home
No my soul does not belong to you I’m onto you
I know freedom is just what I need
And I’m just trying to work towards your
Woke up early feeling like a boss
Yea you already know Yea you already know
You already know Yea you already know
You already know you already know
You already know

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