I never knew that you came two and I came one again
It's your time and my time to shine so let's start being friends
You can't love me, I can't love you so it's so not fair
So now I'm gone, I'm so gone and I'm creeping into someone else hair
So I'm making plans, trying to start a brand new life
I'm looking for love, but I'm not ready for a wife

I'm looking for that girl
The girl that rocks my world
I can't stay a day with someone that revolves the world
I'm looking for that girl
Looking for that girl...

Mr: tracey:
Hey, I'm back on rewind
Please fast-forward me
Hey, I'm back on track
It's too damn hard to see
That I'm looking for love in all the wrong places
Looking at girls with hot and pretty faces
I'm over you girl
Since the day Elvis was racist
I'm not being racist
I'm just trading places
I'm gone for the day
Don't even bother calling
I'm hanging with a few friends
And I'm never calling
So you left me there to die
In this cold cold world
I'm still looking for that girl
I'm Mr. Tracey
I'm changing the world
I talked to myself
And said I had a beautiful girl
But that beautiful became the meanest in the world
Now I'm looking for that girl


I loved you
But your heart wasn't true
So now I'm leaving you
So you can't tell me what to do
I have a lot of girls to search
And all your love to me was the worst
Baby I was your first
But now I'm looking for that girl...

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That Girl Lyrics

Jake Tracey – That Girl Lyrics