Mr. Tracey
I'm a rockstar
Plus a popstar
Never been a kind to be the one with the 5-stars
I got a 5-star Nicki and a 5-star car
I ride in my 'Gini
And get millions of bars. (Ha)
I got a girl who needs all the diamonds and pearls
A shopaholic with the Prada, the Gucci for the world
The Dolce, the bana, It's a shop-a-holic rama
Ain't the type to argue with the baby mama drama
I may be white but I try to be Slim Shady
Have a couple of babies but I call em as ladies
I don't give a damn about who I used to be at first
All the haters can go to hell from better to worst
I'm not the one to play with
Got a problem?,
Come and tell me now,
I'll knock you out with a baton and then take a bow
The crowd will be screaming, and clapping and whistling
It's my performance, Thank you, don't even mention it.

I'm a fly guy
My name is Antonio Fargas
Girls be shaking that
Boys be passing that gas
Eww, smell it?
Come closer you can tell it
I'm a Freestyle
Got a blue tile
To match my shirt
I got 500k
Got it to make my own first
I'm a trouble man
Girls and parents just don't understand
I'm a rubberband man
I'm already to get a couple of fans
I'm ready for the man
I'm gonna take em to the cans
Someone never wants to get a fan
It's smoky, cigarettes are banned

Pass the mic
Pass the mic
Pass the mic
Like they used to say
All these guys got something to say
Nerds ain't got nothing their way
I'm about to pass this mic to Mr. Ballas

Hey guys
It's your king
Psych your king is the one with the the ring
He's getting married
Here's a demonstration to go with your education
You're a liar, a cheater, a woman beater, a defeater, a destroyer, not a leader
You're gone crazy
Try to be so lazy
You're shopping at Macy's
Imitating Stacy
The girl with her mom
That girl was the bomb
He's the kind to Tom
For the lover to be a Tomboy
A girl with full of joy
A man with a dildo and a day with with the decoy

Jake tracey
Hey, Hey
Everybody starting passing the mic
Seeing what they got to be a winner
Just to see what a girl got in her
Try to impress me
Don't even test me,
So just pass the mic

Sherry jones:
I'm the girl in your life
Old enough to be your wife
Living in a world that cuts you like a knife
My name is Sherry
A woman you can carry
To the threshold
Someone you can impress, detest, depress on
Love is a game to men
They're just mad because they have little mini-men
Than Dr. Evils
The big Dr. Evil
The guy Austin Powers
Try to defeat him in a sequel
Pass the mic...

Sharee johnasson:
It's over and done with
Pass it on
Iit's gone for a minute
So pass it on
It's my time now
Turn the volume up...
Come on

Lil' fern:
It's the girls vs. The boys
The pass the mic with joy
Educations for the toy
Diet brings the soy
The soy brings the sugar
Come give mama some sugar
You're coming and going without overflowing
Keep on going
Yes never stop flowing
I'm the queen of rap
You piece of crap
Full of trash
I have millions of cash

(Jake tracey) jennifer rhodes
Well I guess that's all
(Go and leave)
It's time to make a fall
(And make a phone call)
If you don't want to make it
(Then call us later)
Well see you later
(So pass the mic)
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Pass The Mic Lyrics

Jake Tracey – Pass The Mic Lyrics