Featuring Andy Milonakis And Shawyze

Summertime's Not Over
No, No, No 4x

Andy Verse 1:
Summertime is my time and I'm ready
Going back to the PJ'S
Safe and steady
All the hotties and hunks
With their swimming trunks
Getting ready to party
Get down on the floor Me and
Don't be bitchin cause
You ai'nt in it
Who cares if it rains
We don't care
We'll be partying from here to there
Time to get crunk
So what if we flunk We gonna make hundreds
For the xsummertime
Yeah I Don't give a damn
Cuz I don't play
I Had to stay with Ralphie
So now I stick with ray
All my niggas it's not fall
I'm damned than a broken diamond ring
Cuz now it's time for us to shine
U Go for yours and I go for mines Go Shawyze

Shawyze Verse 2:
Summer Spring Winter Fall
You the one I had to call
But I'm mad as hell because
I need some space
Girl you need to get in your place
Cause it's (Buzzin Hot) and
I'm ready to plot now I'm like a robot that can't even
So I'm yours and you are mine
I'm a get off my ass and enjoy the summertime
Go Cisco

Cisco Verse 3:
I'm buzzin at the bar
Drinkin Corona
And having fun
I Just need some space
So get out my face cuz you the only one 2x


(Shwayze, Cisco & Andy)
Here he comes
He's the best
He's the shit
And the rest
He's here
What we can make
Guess What
Guess What
Guess What
It's Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

Jake Verse 4
Oh no guess what I'm back forever
I guess that we are not together
Because me, Andy, and oh Shwayze
And don't forget Cisco are on the G's
And girl you can't do nothing about it so don't think that
You can be without it
Cuz I'm gone until fall I knew that the man had to call
Don't forget the lies that you told me
Do any lie that you had shown me cuz I'm back
And I'm back for the mind
I'm so glad that it's summertime

Cisco and Jake Bridge:
Don't you think I had enough of your games
Cuz all the games you played have played
Don't you think that we make a good couple I don't
Think so cuz right now I am having fun
On the double!


Shwayze and Andy:
We rock the party that rocks the body
But you don't rock it
We never ever stop it 2x

It's the summertime!

Cisco Chorus
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Buzzin' Hot Lyrics

Jake Tracey – Buzzin' Hot Lyrics