[Verse 1]
You say that love’s a losing game, but I guess I played it right
You say that I’d never leave, but I’m leaving you tonight
You’re not my lover, we’re not acquainted, please don’t get it twisted
Cause baby, you’re a waste of space, and I wish you never existed
I’m so conflicted

Why’d you have to do me like that?
Treated you good and you stabbed me in the back
Why’d you have to hurt me like that?
Everything you say to me now, it don’t mean jack
So, save your excuses, save your lies
Save your sorries, I’m saying goodbye
Did me wrong, but I will find
Somebody else that’s worth my time

How could you say that I never loved you?
How could you say that I never needed you?
When I gave my whole heart to you?
Don’t tell me all of these lies
Cry, wolf, cry
Cry, wolf, cry

[Verse 2]
You say I had it coming, but tell me what did I deserve?
All of these hoes, they come and go, but you’re who I preferred
I never lied, I never cheated, I never stopped being so faithful
But you’ve been sneaky, you’ve been freaky, and you’re so fucking ungrateful
And now I’m so hateful



[Verse 3 – Rap]
You tried to take away my pride, but I took it back in stride
Always stood right by your side, don’t get why you had to lie
Was it all about the money, was it all about the fame
Was my reputation necessary so people knew your name?
I know just how you played the game, had me fucked up
You’re just a suck up, tryna get your luck up and your bucks up
Don’t be stuck up, all truth no lies
A devil in disguise, the one that I despise
Was I worth it that night? Your emotions are conflicted
Is it hard for you to admit, that the sex was addicting
Were you depicting all the good moments we had?
And were you looking for someone just as good to treat ‘em bad?
And were you looking for someone else to manipulate?
You lost a good dude, and now it’s hard for you to take
Now I’m out the door, and you don’t wanna say goodbye
Save the bullshit – cry, wolf, cry

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Cry Wolf Cry Lyrics

Jake Tracey – Cry Wolf Cry Lyrics