Ladies and gentleman, listen to what you’re about to hear
A reflection, a recollection of all my doubts and fears
American Society is corrupted, peace interrupted
Racism and violence, our humanity is fucking disrupted
We live in a simple, ridiculous, fucked up generation
Excuse my honesty; it’s all part of my reputation
Speak up, and stand up, this is your emancipation
The declaration of my independence, here’s a demonstration
I live the American Dream Jay Gatsby, Tom and Daisy
My vision’s hazy, people use me, but it doesn’t phase me
Haters amaze me, it’s sick the way they try to tame me
Put me down, deem me a clown, but why should you blame me?
I’m at the top of the pinnacle, the lyrical miracle, speaking out spirituals
Don’t try to ridicule me, hysterical
Only human, human rights, fuck the separation
Here is my statement, my announcement, my declaration
Same boy from Austin, Texas all the way to San Diego
They used to build me up and crash me down like a box of Legos
I’m not the fool, I’m too cool to be underestimated
Despite the controversy of how many boys and girls I’ve dated
I advocate equality, not inequality
Fuck the math, cause 1 plus 1 equals 2, and that’s how it should be
Male or female, we all unite in the unity
That’s why we’re America, but no one will ever listen to me
I bring truth to my songs since Under Construction
After my third album, life felt like the greatest destruction
Mentally trapped, the metaphorical abduction
Rejected, neglected, devoid of seduction
I’ve lived my life in a crazy way
Skin cuts, tightropes, suicidal cabaret
A cocktail of Valium and Tylenol
I had taken the fall, and no one to call
Before I came back up, I blamed the industry
For getting the best of me, using up all of my energy
Fucked up producers ignoring my creativity
Lawsuits, decreasing sales, it impacted me
2-year hiatus, petitions and debates
On whether I should come back and face the hate
Created this album almost 2 years late
But I’m back with a vengeance, and I’m sure you’ll relate
I was born to conquer, never born to fail
But life is nothing but a fairy tale
You reap what you sow, you get what you give
I got what I wanted, a longer chance to live
Yeah, I’m sure you’ll know who I really am
When these next 19 songs are on your stereo, you’ll understand
I don’t expect any superior expectations
Just listen to the truth, this is my declaration

Rise up, speak out
Tell these motherfuckers what it’s all about
Act up, lash out
Fuck the haters, show ‘em we don’t play around
This is the declaration

Whoa oh oh
Wave your hands up high if you’re ready for this ride
Say, whoa oh oh
Wave your hands up high if you’re ready for this ride
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The Declaration Lyrics

Jake Tracey – The Declaration Lyrics