When it happens, it happens
When it doesn't, it doesn't.
Welcome back.

Ohhh, shit!
Here we go!

Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Wait a minute
Hold up.
Let me put some JT in it.
(Gotta put me in it)

Somebody trippin' in the club
Tryna get me bubbed
Be like what the (gasp) (4x)

Verse One:
Been there done that
Liked that, wanted that
Good bad, Bad good
Do it like ya should
Don't cha wish ya could
So so damn good
Kiss me if you would
Kiss kiss me if ya could

I really don't care
Go on and whip ya hair
Some one's bout to be dead
No one knows it's unsaid.
Please please get out of my hair
Before I put ya in my lair
Girls scream out "I don't care"
As long as I see ya in your (Ahhh! )


Verse Two:
Rock this, rock that
Like this, like that
Tat for tit, tit for tat
Swing that (swish) from the bat
Scratch your head like a cat
Look who's the new rat?
Keep on flying like a bat
Wait till I (click) ya in my (WHAT?)

Wanna do it if I could
I'm a nice guy if ya get to know me if you would.
You must be crazy lady
No I won't have your babies
Baby baby maybe
Just stop being a lazy
Now what you gonna do?
Gonna kill, then I sue
Tell me what I'm gonna do
I'll click that (ish) make it go BOOM!


I know this is crazy but somebody got me bubbed.
Too much sugar and I can't get enough
Get me when ya want me
Cause I'm right down here
Think you can take me
Then I'm right right here!

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Trippin' In The Club (Bubbed) Lyrics

Jake Tracey – Trippin' In The Club (Bubbed) Lyrics