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Thunderchaos Pentagramma Lyrics

In Tha Umbra – Thunderchaos Pentagramma Lyrics

Fast by the oracle thence rose out of chaos
Th'infernal serpent against the throne
Thunderchaos pentagramma
Vanquisht karma
Durst fever defied to arms
In horrible a furnace in sulphur thread
" Hurl'd headlong flaming from th'ethereal sky
With hideous ruin and combustion down
To bottomless perdition, there to dwell
In adamantine chain and penal fire "
Linger the flames in wrath to clad
The flavour of blood to challenge
Doleful shadows of sorrow
Ah sight of woe
Thunderchaos pentagramma
Everburning mouth the adverse harmonie
With wirlwinds of tempestuous howling fire
And so thunder conducts hosannas in horror
In moods of warfare the threshold demands to chant
Woe sung of chaos from the utter depths
Thundering might with lightning arm'd
Misery hath joint of lustre
To bloodful battles in the plains of heaven
Twas marching the abysm forth
Once more grace to conquer
Yeld chaos' substance over
As chaos was sung by the heavenly woes
Through symphonic horrors held in fires deep
Thrall nether the storming firmament
Thunderchaos pentagramma
Of the woes of heaven dire
As midnight chimed through the garden of hell
The glimt of gold
The gems of heaven
Giant wirlwinds howling of tempestuous fire
Conducts hosannas in horror by thunder
Ungentle muse unshroud the damned urn
Alas! forbidden of all chastity the sun
The adverse harmonie burning thus the mouth
Chaos was sung by woe from the utter depths
Thundering might with lightning arm'd
Sickness, joint misery with lustre
To bleed in battle the plains of heaven
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