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Crescent Lyrics

In Tha Umbra – Crescent Lyrics

Shall hear Infernal thunder, and for lightning see
Black fire and horror shot with equal rage
Admire the twilight fiery sky
Petals floating
That abides the grimness of dusk
Drenches as solace
Vapours hallow the hunting portraied concubines
Among Angels, and the throne itself
Mixt with Tartarean sulphur, and strange fire
In this abhorred deep to utter woe;
Advento crepuscular
Num crescendo sublime
Ophuccus hiss the bane of light
Orpheus's music plays
Blood drenched lire
Crepuscular advent
Amidst Baccus concubines
Song of the Banshee
Voice o' Night
And this firmament of Hell should spout her catarats of fire
Impendent horrors, threat'ning hideous fall
Breathe Ambrosial odours and Ambrosial flowers
Hidden lustre, Gems and Gold;
"From whence deep thunder roar must'ring their rage,
And Heav'n resembles Hell? " John Milton
As when from mountain tops the dusky clouds
Ascending, while the North wind sleeps, o'erspread
Scowls o'er the dark'n'd landscape
"Of four Infernal rivers that disgorge
Into the burning lake their baleful streams;
Abhorred Styx the flood of dreadly hate,
Sad Acheron of sorrow, black and deep;
Cocytis, nam'd of lamentation loud
Heard on the rueful stream; fierce Phlegethon
Whose waves of torrent fire inflame with rage. " John Milton
Scowls o'er the dark'n'd landscape
Medusa with gorgorian terror guards
"Where all life dies, Death lives, and Nature breeds,
Perverse, all monstrous, all prodigious things;
Abominable, inutterable and worse
Than Fables yet have feign'd, or fear conceiv'd,
Gorgons and Hydras, and Chimeras dire. " John Milton
Follow the Night-Hag
Hecate, goddess of witchcraft
Amidst Baccus concubines
Song of the Banshee
Voice o' Night
... And Death
Grinn'd horrible a ghastly smile...
Where eldest Night
And Chaos, Ancestors of Nature, hold
Of neither Sea, nor shore, nor air, nor fire,
But all these in their pregnant causes mixt
When Bellona storms
With all her battering engines bent to raze
Crescent advent enthron'd
Sat Sable-vested Night, eldest of things,
Descend oh darkness descend
Nightrise crescent
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