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Shadow, Caressing Shadow Lyrics

In Tha Umbra – Shadow, Caressing Shadow Lyrics

... About the darkest of Nights
Hark... Shadow to shadow
Hasten to evolve through the moist
And mount the penumbrant dusk
Moon about in meadows prun'd
So scotch, not kill
About the darkest of Nights
Thus hark...
Sunset, Dusk, Nightfall
Whatever that shadows through horizons
Lull'd in midnight communion scatter'd
"Unwept, and welter to the parching wind,
Without the need of some melodious tear"
Beneath waning Selene white above
Dancing wolves ominous through the hunt
And Diana leads with the Night as mask
Blazing teeth embrace
Yet once more, O ye laurels, and once more
Hark... The dusk is singing
Darkness stir as the crescent Moon shines full
Hediond Banshees of few too many
Riding out of Inferno's zenith
Swallowing life with ominous incens'd chants
With burnt robes and shrines made o' skin
Let nature's heart rejoioce with the warmth of blood
Of bleeding lambs pierc'd by wolven teeth
... And the shadow caresses
Hark... The sombre light
The malice
Shadow, caressing shadow
It is Death herself
Leading Armmageddon sublime
Dwell, at the brightening gloom
In height or depth
Horizont in black of the clouds that gather
In madrigal Nightfall
Banded against the throne
Hark... Thus hark
Shadow, caressing shadow
About the darkest of Nights
And hark
Majestic frost in contrast
With summer's noontide air
Bloom Chaos throughout the breeze
And shadow,
Shadow the darkest of Nights
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