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The Horrent Damaskt Lyrics

In Tha Umbra – The Horrent Damaskt Lyrics

Stood whispering soft as the vine curled her tendrils
And I'll zephyr bloom cold the sulphurs of hell
The horrent damaskt
The nectar compliant to th'infernal yells
As the serpent sly winding of evening nigh
Usher the rose pastur'd with the blood
In grieving nether gardens pursue to tempt
Rumour next and chance,
And tumult and confusion all embroill'd
And discord with a thousand various mouths
More of woe,
In fumigating flavour
Whom forlorn dwells henceforth
To unfold and compell to abhor
So flourish forth obscure threshold
The horrent damaskt
Of the infernal nectar in fumes
Whence rushing all embalm'd horror
And spake o'horrent throes to ruin the heavens
At height of noon
Prime orb obscured
Impetuous what'soever shape
Through evening thwarts when vapours fire
To flesh,
To bone
You flow'ry arbours in radiant decay
The horrent damaskt
Of purple disease in vapours
Eerie, eerie
Bloom flaming damaskt
The clouds rush to attend the firmament
Twilight grey in sober mortandity clad
Descant the beast,
Whose darkening flames devour hesperian fruit
"And of those demons that are found
In fire, air, flood or underground,
Whose power hath a true consent
With planet or with element"
Approach unpleasant silhouette
Lie bestrewn unsmoothly mean
In radiance ordain the damaskt
Of graceful evening mild
Then silent night with charm
Her solemn flairmoon
And the ruined gems of heaven
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