My mothers' a school teacher
She pulls in about $300 a week
My mothers' in charge of shaping
Tomorrows reality

The Magic Mans' a ball player
He pulls in millions
The Magic mans in charge of...
... Puttin' a ball in a hole

Puttin' a ball in a hole!!
Yeah - yeah

... But the Magic Mans' a star
'think of all the inspiration!
The Magic Man's a hero!
Man,... He says No to drugs!

Kids,... They wanna be like Magic
To be like mother would be tragic!
... In a land where you can be
Anything you wanna be!

Anything you wanna be yeah!!

My mother she comes home
To her suburban dream
She lays down... No way she's standin'
For another minute more

The Magic man comes home
To his Bel Air estate
"walks past all his rings and trophies
'feelin' good - hard work pays off

Feelin' good - hard work pays off yeah
Oohh - yea 'ee yeah
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The Magic Man Lyrics

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