All... the light And
all that black We
love the light And
we hate the fact A
big crazy Man above Colored
the background Not
with His love But
to drive us insane We
try to prove Make
Him a fool Disprove
the black and the blue Condemn
the jew There's
all that light Exploding
where the hell Does
come All
that black Unexplainable?
build machines Stuck
up homosexual scientists Trying
to kill the Lord Prove
how much we lack When
everything is black The
big bang Exploded
who lit the match Nevermind
the fuse And
dinosaurs Corroded
turned into our fuel Without
them We
need a mule Not
a nun But
I pray son God
Lord above Why
the hell did you drive us insane Not
searching for Your love But
looking for the answer To
the cancer Of
the universe The
black matter Undefinable
quark or atom Or
string Only
Hollywood machines That
dream of destroying all With
a liberal like Spielberg or Geffen Guiding
us to hell Down
to the furnace below With
ufos We
dwell Ghosts

... huge copper windings churn Red
hot round metals loaded with electricity Cooled
and fueled Cold
fusion that can kill A
controlled hell With
that mechanical robot insect Smell
say it's one in a billion or something Like
that But
I say the one Is
too big This
lottery is rigged By
devils down below And
balding athiests Who
patrol Grounds
laboratorys With
walls of cold sounds Like
a Manhattan project Gone
even wronger The
... Earth shall implode Sink
in The
water Overtaketh
us Watch
me drown I
just hope it's quick Much
like a dream As
I go down I
gulp for air Or
do I care Almost?
no time for prayer But
I do Unlike
many of the rest And
that's when it hits me There
is no earth left For
God to foundate His
new Heaven The
g athiest** marxists have killed it Funded
by conservatives Who
now cannot rebuild it Like
some Marshal plan The
end of man Chasing
a dollar And
chasing the dream Of
no God atlast Proven
half masts For
us We
are gone Imploded
into oblivion Of
black hole Sygnus
X-1 Or
something like that We...
made our selves And
sold on the cheap From
China And

... In
the event Something
should happen to me Have
you seen my wife Mr
Jones. No?
No one sees anything No
one sees a thing Except
the blackness Of
the matter A
matter of fact We
are all dead Super
cooled in our morgue Mars
and Venus and Mercury Fly
by And
they all smile For
we are all like as if Heaven's
gate The
ufo behind the comet's blast And
no piece of a Can**
make you a stud now Boy
you are among the dead Of
history Killed
by a gigantic battery A
huge swimming pool motor That
spun round Releasing
stranglets and satans Into
the ground They
whirlpool To
thy centre of the Earth Where
they don't mingle with the lava Through
the mantle They
attack and destroy Just
as man That
spawned them Jealousy
Black holes Of
Earth x-1 So
tiny and harmless They
fade Only
to be microscopic and dangerous Seconds
later Alligators
teeth for ground Yes
a gigantic ytk The
Christians obey A
huge battery Nucleous
and eons Reactor
speed Max
q Speed
of light Instant
death And
instant life On
the otherside Heaven
those consumed In
the flames But
... still Believed
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Black Matter Lyrics

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