Everywhere You look
There's anger
And people that won't back down...
They teach us; 'Stand up for our rights'
... Right into the ground

An invading army is one thing
Or if you're backed into a corner
... But on a small scale, you're a coward
When you turn the other cheek...

People that Won't back down
People that Won't back down...

I don't dare speak of compassion
But I better give to the poor
I don't dare look in the eye
But my attitude better be good

We must learn to love each other
We've got to live together
Put the jealousy away
Despite what the wreckless say

People that won't back down

I don't wanna hurt nobody
But I walk with an iron fist
I don't wanna kill nobody
Unless they want my sorry ass

You don't wanna hurt nobody
You wanna walk with a smile
You don't wanna kill nobody
'Don't listen to them fools

People that Won't back down...
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People (That Won't Back Down) Lyrics

Greenhouse Effect – People (That Won't Back Down) Lyrics