The pills were in my hand
The note was on the mirror
All hope had been extinguished
I could see no other options

To/oh... This joke called life
Controlled by the madman above!
I'll owe no beg for forgiveness
Just get me the hell out of here!

... But then
Rock n Roll saved my day
Your pop song gave me a dose of hope
Rock n roll in the sky!
12 years of schooling
Saved in three minutes!

"hold on one more day"
Ha! I like it!
Beautiful, Integral message
Woven in pussy galore

Heavenly angels barking
Genius without parallel
For this begging young lad
Who saw no hand of hope near

Rock n roll saved the day!
Your pop song hooked me a dose of hope
Rock n roll in the sky
12 years of schooling... Etc...
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