And the socialistas behind the scenes
They prey upon the dumb and dumber they create
With fake polls
Phoney polls
And no one knows
No one knows!
The narrow minded red necks and sports junkies
And Walmart humping housewives and other flunkies
The red white n blue jumping barons
And the lazy couch x box nintendo herons
The socialista communistas
Tell you that you must obey
And you do
As they back it up
With their latest cooked up survey;
So pray in the pew

Phoney polls!
Never polled
Not you
And not me
... and just who would be dumb enough to sit there
And gab with the socialistae flea?
And nobody knows
Nobody cares
Nobody knows
We just only stare
At the satan box that controlls
Us all from the glass tube
With phoney polls
Phoney polls!

The scheming intelligencia
The gleaming apologencia
Make you feel guilty and sad
And todays the worst you ever had
Cause their guy is not the king
But don't worry
Cause soon things l' go bling bling
When their little devil is king of zing
Half gloating that their guy is the best
Though he's never taken a test
They prop up and they invent
And they cut down the proven war gent
They automatically call him untrustworthy and dumb
Because you'll believe it
And you're just full of cum
Stupid as can be
Yet full of pride!
And I'll see you on the other side!

And nobody knows
Yes nobody knows
As they snort their blow
And surf their porn
Their parents they scorn

For this is what can happen when you mess with me
Yes, this is what can happen when you mess with Him
You just cracked the code
And broke the glass

You fucked a stranger in the ass
And now I laugh as we all go down
For I'll do anything
And it was my plan all along
Ring your bell
And put souls in hell!

And yes I will see you on the other side
Wall of pride

And this is what can happen when you mess with us
You thought you were clever
But and still you lost
You ran all your fake polls
Surveys that influence
The less than naive
They believe
But the smart don't
The socialista union thugs
Behind the media scenes with plastic bats
And phoney tear gas
They scheme in crass
Thought all the ballers would come out
And rock the vote
And they did
And with their wallets hid

The right has it's cross and the left has
It's crass
And the law is an ass
And now all our cash
Is that of monopoly
And ironic thomopoly

And nobody knows
Nobody knows
Yes nobody cares

But I do...
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Fake Polls Phoney Polls ! Lyrics

Greenhouse Effect – Fake Polls Phoney Polls ! Lyrics