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Gucci Goon Lyrics

Goonew – Gucci Goon Lyrics

Dropped outta school (gang)
Didn't go to school (gang gang)
Goonrich with the tool, like "fuck the school"
Hit the kitchen then I water whip that fucking woo (whip whip)
Call me Gucci Goon, with the fucking tool

Ridin' round with the stick, like fuck a Uzi
Pull up in the partment, get dipped, foolie (get dipped)
Ridin' with Lil Dude (Luciano!)
And he keep the tool
And they let Lil [?] out the box, fucking [?]
Stack it and flip (flip)
30 rounds I'mma hit it
I'm fucking that hoe and dismiss her (yuh)
You kissin' that bitch and I hit her
I come in the trap like I'm Flippa (flip)
I'm flippin' the work & deliver
I'm still servin' Auntie that dit (ha)
I'm still in the trenches with killers (killers)
Trap back, Goonrich got the Mac
Snakes all on my back, Turk all in the back
G30, fuck a Mac
She sucking that dick, she got MAC
I deliver the pounds to the trap (the trap)
I'm Goonrich, got back (I'm Goonrich)
Fuck the plug, grab the strap (the plug)
Hoe Google with a map (hoe)
You know 'cuz in the back
Monté got the strap (run him down)
Leek's shootin' out the Ac' (pew pew)
Mel whippin' up the crack (whip it up)
Goonrich in the trap (Goonrich)
You know I get it right back
10 bands in one plate (one plate)
You know I get it in one day (one day)
You know I got a dirty K (dirty K)
I got it from my jay (hey junkie)
I'm switching up the swag (the swag)
They tryna eat the dab (they eat it)
His trap lookin' sad (sad)
I'm killing his man (his man)

[Verse 2]
Goonrich, stick bitch (lil' bitch)
45th got the fucking glick (the glick)
.223's hit him on his shit, take his shit (the shit)
Catch a body then I hit the strip, take a flick
In the trap all day, tryna flip a zip (all day God damn)
Hit the glick, hit the 5th then I fuckin' dip
Fuck up the kitchen, I water whip (I water whip)
Goonrich been sellin' shit (I'm Goonrich)
You a bitch, you gon' tell 'em shit (you a tell)
I'm fuckin' that hoe, then I dismiss (lil' bitch)
Them 762's put his ass on a limp
I'm still selling jays on the back strip (them jays)
Hoe, Goon got the Mac, bitch (hoe goon)
You better back up when the Mac spit
Pew, pew, Homicide, bitch (gang)
Forest Creek on the map, bitch (homicide)
Rest in Peace Slime, on my slime shit (jugg)
Come in the trap do backflips (slime)
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