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GoonRich Lyrics

Goonew – GoonRich Lyrics

I was runnin round toting glicks
I was shootin shit
Hoppin out the whip, quick
Quick drop, I'ma hit
Fuckin that bitch, then I dip
This that Guwop shit
But it's Goonrich, bitch
I'm shooting niggas off the rip

I'm toting glicks, I'ma hit
I'm fucking bitches, I'm the shit
This that MPR shit, I'm Gucci down to the hips
I'm Goonrich and I fuck it up
Fuckin that bitch and I bust a nut
I'm shooting on niggas, I don't give a fuck
I'm still in the partments, I cut it up
Uh, shit
I was the one with the glick
I was the one with the 45th, serving my Auntie that shit
Hit the kitchen then I water whip
Fucking that bitch and I ain't know the bitch
I was the one with the Glock with the rubber grip
Shooting at niggas, I don't give a shit
[?] on the beat so you know that I kill this shit

Goonrich, bitch
Choppas, sticks
Rubber grips
Shooting glicks
Goonrich, bitch
I was the one with the stick
Servin' my Auntie that dick
Speez on the beat let it rip

[Verse 2]
Dropped out, had to whip my Glock out
Pop out, pussy nigga pop out
Pop out, Goonrich got Glocks out
Dracos, they come out
Gold nickles come out
223's they come out
762's hit his ass, knock his lights out
I was the one with the Glock out
Shooting at niggas at shootouts
Let the dogs out, this a bark house
I fuck on that hoe, I don't lay 'round
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