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TKO Lyrics

Goonew – TKO Lyrics

Goonrich, nigga
Yeah, yeah

AR a pussy nigga, knock off his shoes
7.62's make him do the move
Put up lil’ key, hundred in the coupe
The plug called, nigga, he droppin' off two
That bad bitch, yeah, she know what to do
I pop me a Perc', then I drop a deuce
My niggas lurkin’, better watch how you move
I'm Goonrich, but she call me Big Goon
Uh, I got hundreds in the vault
Bad bitch and I break her off
One and done, I get her gone
Lil' cheap bitch and she got no wallet
Fuck her friend and hit the mall
I catch a flight, I send her off
I beat it up, she on the wall
She said, "It's my new favorite song"
Uh, she said, "Goonew, I love you"
I pour a four, I'm on the moon
She let me trap and sell that goop
She even cook a nigga food
Don't show no love, that shit be fu'
I'm with my gang, I act a fool
You cannot fit in this lil’ coupe
She gave me head, I act a fool

(Think I’d better let it go)
Hah, yeah, slide with that AR, slide with that Draco, uh
(TKO, woah)
Yeah, yeah, nigga know know what the fuck goin' on
(They callin’ me Goonrich)
Yeah, I came on the block, servin' auntie all the rocks, hah
(Looks like another love TKO, woah)
TKO, hah, Goonrich, nigga, yeah, hah
(Think I'd better let it go)
(Looks like another love TKO, woah)
I slide, I slide the, uh, baby girl, uh
(Think I'd better let it go)
TKO, hah (TK what?), TKO, man
Yeah, Goonrich
(Looks like another love TKO, woah)
.223, I slide with that AR
(Think I’d better let it go)
Ooh, yeah, I slide with that Draco, Goonrich
(Looks like another love TKO, woah)
(Think I'd better...)
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