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Memphis Flow Lyrics

Goonew – Memphis Flow Lyrics

Spizzle go crazy
Whippin' them chickens
Whippin' them chickens, I got it
.223's and we slidin'
Hah, yeah

FN blue tips and they aim through the wall
Servin' that crack rock right in the hall
I got some niggas swipin', doin' frauds
Stay with my .40, nigga, like my dawg
Fuckin' your bitch, I pin her on the wall
Trap house, all the junkies tryna call
Goonrich, I got hundreds in the vault
Fuck 12, I don't really wanna talk
Walk down, I can show you how to walk
Scared nigga, all these niggas do is talk
If I go broke I kickin' down the vault
Go to Atlanta, bringin' back the Hawks
Whippin' them chickens, gotta get it off
Stay with them killers, had to set it off
Pop me a Percocet, I'm drinking raw
Give me a pint of lean, I drink it all
Uh, hand in the pot, Chris Eddy
Beatin' the pot with the fork like it's slavery
I got the straight drop, call it eighty
CPS, we just gon' leave the lil' baby
Yeah, I get hot but I'm still where it's shady
Got a new Glock and we slide in Mercedes
Call me Goonrich, with the pound, I'm the greatest
Old school shit, shoot the MAC like McGrady
Uh, uh, this the trap (Trap)
Beat up the pack with the pack (Pack)
Call me Goonrich with the pack (Call me Goonrich)
I got the junkies that whack (Whack)
Call me Goonrich in the shack (Shack)
Ride up on Goon with the Shaq (The Shaq)
Walk up on Goonwick, you die (You die)
7.62's make 'em die (Die)
Servin' that Wock' in your trap (Trap)
Come in the paint like I'm Shaq (Shaq)
Walk up on gang, then you die (Die)
Servin' my junkie, had a heart attack
I'm whippin' that work, nigga, flippin' packs
I stay in the kitchen, nigga, whippin' crack
You heard what I said, yeah, whippin' crack
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