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Work Hard Lyrics

Ghetto Smaxx – Work Hard Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sling Shod]
Take your time, just cross this line
I've been in this since '69
Ghetto's Niggas just pull the trigger
All you haters just piss offf creatures
We smoking weed and sipping liqour
My alegation deep in my nation
All your people full of patience
What's working, talking
Leave your mouth open
I kill you all rappers that's an option
Punching, blocking, hunting, flopping
Crushing, rolling, punch your teeth
Down on the street we make a stream
I kill you all you do is play basket-ball
I blow it down, you just turn me off
I'm wondering why you leave me down
I'm thinking you have nothing to say
My track is back in this game
My punching line verses are not the same
Don't forget what king has said
That Mampheng is back again
You see I'm white boy
Chillin' with my black guys nigga
I'm a cool boy and I'm a rude boy
You don't know what I'm thinking in my mind
Just be patient nigga
I'll give u 4 options to research about it
1 from my Ghetto's
2 from my hood
3 and 4 belongs to my money
Hop you get me nigga

[Hook: Riley Simon]
You should try man to work hard
You should try man to work and live it all
Live it all, live it all
I'ma try man to work hard
I'ma try man to work and live it all
Live it all, live it all

[Verse 2: Shay's Nay]
Westcoast! Westcoast! Yoh!
Y'all know who's this
Shay's Nay holding this mic
Represent the game called T Westside
The bestside, the dopeside
I murder this track go 'n call PoPo
Aint ridin' solo
I rather go slow, so niggas don't blow
I spit the lines
And I aint talkin' bout the rhymes
I own this vibe, Bang! Bang!
2 shots that's me right there
The B O double S
You know Trimbash is a thug
Cheezy daz he's the thug
Shay's Nay he's the thug
Trinity forever you know what up
M.P.H right there in the hood with me
Moving this thing, you know what?
We keep rolling, we keep crawling
We keep murdering(Ha! Ha! )
This is how we end down
Nigga why we keep beating the beats
Right there forever

[Hook: Riley Simon]

[Verse 3: Gensin Gee]
Ghetto Smaxx Photo
Ghetto's nigga Logo
Make the MOB nigga try to make it for the social
Hello Mr. Popo, I'm swimming in the yellow pool
I'm popping out my sweater and I'm killing all this devilish
Niggas by my bitches(bitches)
Drinking all the mixtures(mixtures)
Going faster than a nigga from Madonna In Canada(Canada)
Chainz on my neck, tatoos on my back(back)
I take many golds when I'm balling with my king(king)
I put my plan emotion
I gotta catch emotion
Call me life saver coz I wear swimming costume
Back I was gone man I was sent by Khalifa
I kill this beat like Ghetto Smaxx nigga
I'm Gensin Gee for real, King Cash as my middle name
Money on another level
Nine piece is my secret weapon
Wait! Stop! I go hard with my niggas
Then I slide on your back like a plate full of meat Gee!

[Hook: Riley Simon]

[Verse 4: Chris J Martian]
It's Forty nine, six, seven, eight, three sixty
I downt have dope nigga I'ma need Freebies
Murder 81, church people go geez Chris!
Man I'm so creedy, damn I'm needy
I switch bodies niggas guess who be creepy
Snapp fingers green light, nigga you gon leave me
Versace shoes, Versace sweater, Houdini!
Bout to call a gal with GeeBees
You know I'm bout to leave out this track, you gon miss me...

[Outro: Chris J Martian]
Yeah! Yeah-yea-You gon miss me
You gon miss me, you gon, you gon
You gon miss me.
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