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My Icecream Lyrics

Ghetto Smaxx – My Icecream Lyrics

[Intro: Gensin Gee]
Yo it's Ghetto Smaxx in the building homie,
This is how we do

[Hook: Edited voice]
My icecream, my icecream
My icecream colours so fresh like aww... x3
So fresh like aww... So fresh like aww... So fresh like aww
My icecream colours so fresh like aww...

[Verse 1: Chris J Martian]
Uh! My girl like Vanilla,
And I like Mac Miller
If she's not sharing,
I swear I'ma kill her
She sprinkles weed,
But she aint a drug dealer
Then I kill this beat like a murderer on thriller
It's Triple OG nigga we aint spitting bullshit
My flow's rare, you niggas cusion
Fuck with me wrong nigga, Optical Illusion
I eat your inside Chopsticks and Sushi
My icecream nigga have changed her behavior
She begs for some more Strawberry flavour
When she's iced up, I'm the only one to save her
But she no want no firespitter cause I might have blazed her
Uh! My bars bring them hoes in
I goes in, and stay Fresh To Death like coffin
Uh, and make stunts like dolphins
Then disappear in the thin air like me dough thin

[Hook: Edited voice]

[Verse 2: Gensin Gee]
I guess this whole thing is all about my icecream
Lick it like a lollipop if you really want a cream
Haters talking shit cause I bought my crew a Fridge
I'm fresh To Death homie is how we really look
I made it right to heaven, say hello Gensin Gee
These chicks are going crazy cause kids needs some icecream
I better go and get it
Just leave it out to me
I pray for these rappers cause we also believe in God cause you know he
Chris J where you at? Money keeps rolling
Ghetto Smaxx Four Forty Nine and then I'm rolling
Million dollar bitches, think you can afford us
Cause F2D studio gonna blow your minds off, so we smoke lil' weed
Blowing all the trees
Killing all these beats
Leaving on your yards and Rapping in the streets yo.

[Verse 3: Riley Simon]
My icecream is the best there is
I'ma lick it till this world go end
Predicting alll my motion sides
You give it man I'm sure gon' smile
You hesitate I crack my smile
Crack my smile, nigga crack my smile
Temptation bitches please no more
Da da da da(ridin' round rou... rou... Yeah!
I do my icy dance(alright) I mix it up with swag
Got Jane what?(alright) Jane wrote(Rolls Royce)
Jane looking at me, J Cole(Alright)
I could be dead and buried,
I'll still be above your level
My swag is really deep,
Nigga you can't even dig it.

[Hook: Edited voice]
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