[Hook: Gensin Gee] x2
We gettin' money, we gettin' money
We gettin' money niggas, we gettin' money
Uh! Never see me rolling dice
I'ma spend that cash on the corner
Call me Gensin Gee I'm a baller
And I'm fresh to death with my homies

[Verse 1: Sling Shod]
Yesterday! Ke fihlile ka sekepe
On my hand ke selepe
Ke tl'o spitta ka Vernac le
Punchline tse makhethe
Le tl'o tseba ke maada
Ha ke repa le tl'o ntsoafa
Ke tl'o hata, ke tl'o terapa
Nts'onyane tseleng tsaka
Um better than ever before
My verses were hot and I thought
Right now I can feel it in my blood
And I can do it very fast
Right now I can freestyle like Busta Rhymes
And I don't care whether you like
I'm going to make it like a joke
Then you pose...
Among all the hot rappers, I'm one of a kind
Ke khile swagga bana hlantse, ba baya mankind
Ba tsenoa ba hafa dog
They need my voice on this sound
Gensin Gee aba ignorer, then they scream and aloud
Wa bona ba tlatsa lerata, What you gonna do now
Nfe microphone Ke ba theole moya, "ladies calm down"
This is Sling right here all I want is findout;
Why my hatter so many or my tongue lies right... Tongue lies right...

[Hook: Gensin Gee] x2

[Verse 2: Gensin Gee]
I'm bouncing on my beat, with my homies right here
Fresh To Death nigga, mulah running at my crib
Twerk, twerk bitch, I'm just gonna make that city freeze
Why you cryn like a baby, Chris gotta make that nigga squeez
Zippin' two bottles 'two shots'
Spending my money like drugs
We praying to God
Boss of all bosses coz I don't care 'bout losses
My style is all the way to T-West nigga
And I'm gettin' all this mulah like Griminal G
My crew is getting money nigga what about you?
I got my money behind my back, so fuck you too
And I'm fresh like a nigga called 2 2 2!!!
Critisize that's my nigga hater, I call him Boo
I do cool slangs that why they call me Gensin Gee
And I'm a real nigga, coz I do real things
So call me King Cash or Gensin Gee... Huh?

[Hook. Gensin Gee] x2

[Verse 3: Chris J Martian]
I got two niggas on stage, and now I'm on the front page
First I was locked up in a cage, now unleashed and outta rage
I been ridin' this rap game, since twelve years of age
And I be ridin' you rap niggas, like Kelis on that Sage
You know that I'm hot, like I came out the pot
Battling these niggas, lets hear what they got
I'm best in rap, now you knw you niggas not
And they all under my feet, but me I'm at the top
Baby girl don't rush, just shake it for the best
Not some whack ass nigga, but a nigga from T-West
I'm just telling you facts, nigga fuck what you suggest
I'm a real dog nigga but don't call me a pest
She licked my ice-cream, now I'm left with a cone
If you niggas play with me, i'll break your fucking bone
I be rolling that weed, now you know I'm in the zone
Its me, myself and I, now you know I'm not alone bitch!!!

[Hook: Gensin Gee] x2
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We Gettin' Money Lyrics

Ghetto Smaxx – We Gettin' Money Lyrics