[Verse 1: Y2G]
Uh! Yoh!
Ghetto Smaxx in the building
We need a lotta niggas
To come and set for a reason
Don't call us pepetrators
Is bout to come for a killing
We heard the sky is the limit
The sky is full of decisions
We're just getting started
So come and raise your name up
Never mess with us, we tear haters like papers
Nigga wanna choose
They just gettin confused
This is not a rap it's just a point of fact
Gotta lotta cash in the bank can ever know
So when you like that, you're like "pick up the phone"
Mama in the kitchen
Cooking burgers and Chicken
Party all day like haters just go away, yuh!

[Hook: Sling Shod]
The story of my life guys
The story of Ghetto Smaxx
First of all I'm on the swag
I would like to thank God
God my creator
God also can kill us
You can't pick the spirit
Even if it was 6 feet underground

[Verse 2: Gensin Gee]
Our crew is Ghetto Smaxx
We stay Fresh To Death
We on top now, which means we're the best
We saw these niggas screaming loud for my music
Is true they gonna fight
Because we fresh and light
And still those guns still gonna cause cause a heart attack
We gonna kill the gangsters, to get a lil bit higher
Coz I'm bout to fire
Real niggas wanna fly high
Now I'm telling you all about my past
My Ye-Yo Y2G
Here we tell you more about us
Coz we stay fly
But I'm gonna cry
Califonia ocasions
Motivating Ghetto's
Punchline's nigga Sling
I'ma call Ghetto's

[Hook: Sling Shod]

[Verse 3: Sling Shod]
Ghetto Smaxx, They call it GS
Why can't you motivate us
To call us the best
Even when rappers are called
I call em come first
We're champions I mean in the world
We are the MOB
God will make us real men before we rest
My nigga Kanye West is gonna make me worst
Or my hand I'll be holding my clock
And I'll put it on my neck
I will hear the sound like tick
I'll runaway quick
My computer can click
And my mouse can Squack
I decided to kick
Coz my window once Cracked
Uh! They say I rap like Juvenile(yep) I rap like Juvenile

[Hook: Sling Shod]

[Outro: Sling Shod & Gensin Gee]
6 feet underground(GS)
6 feet underground(Ghetto Smaxx)
6 feet underground(We on top)
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The Story Of My Life Lyrics

Ghetto Smaxx – The Story Of My Life Lyrics