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At Night Lyrics

G Herbo – At Night Lyrics

I keep my pistol on me only at night
Because the haters be tripping,that's right
I keep my pistol on me
I keep my pistol on me

[Lil Bibby]
Late night I'm servin' fiends
And I'm rocked up
In the field with the Glock tucked
Fuck the cops bruh
I ain't trynna' get shot up
My nina on the side of me
It's speedin' through in the ride with me
I'm from the town you know how it be
Got to keep that all times nigga
I ain't lying nigga
Or you gon' end up dying nigga
Shots fired nigga
It's a man down
Leave yo' body juss' layin' 'round
But I'm the one that's sprayin' 'round so it ain't me
Big thirty so it can't be
I keep that
Gotta have it yea I need that
Drop his ass then forget the shit
Herb like where the weed at?
Only kush no seed pack
Word around I got free crack
I'm lackin' don't believe that
Thirty shots on my waist
Give a fuck about no case
Coolin' where it ain't safe
I need a mill on my plate
In this trap shit
Cause I've been doin' this way before this rap shit
Pistol on me in traffic
Real life no actin'
Young niggas they clappin'
And I ain't trynna' get whacked bitch
So damn right I'm packin'
Yea it's on me


[Lil Herb]
I keep my shades on at night
And not the Rays holmes
Cause ion' kick it in a safe zone
If you run up on me you get blazed holmes
And I been learned that
You can't get caught without one
Especially from where I'm from
And if you get caught without that
Then you might just get your scalp cracked
Know a couple niggas that got left behind 'cuz when it's crunch time they was steps behind
It was clutch time so I kept the nine
And you never know when it's reppin' time
Yea the last time I slipped
I fuck around and got hit
Bitch niggas fuck around with the wrong clique
Must be fuckin' 'round with that shit
Yea it don't feel great but it feel safe when I walk around with the steel eight
So don't play with me cause I will spray
You'll be walkin' 'round with a steel plate
And that's real rap
Try to play me like a fuck nigga and get peeled back
Ion' trust niggas keep 'em real back
In my two-seater with the steel Mac
Pull up on 'em let the steel clap on my own shit
Drop a nigga fire the block up and get locked up at my own risk
Rather catch me wit' it on me
And I do my dirt by my lonely
I'm a real nigga I got real killas'
If I hit 'em up then they'll deal wit' 'em

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