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Krack Flow Lyrics

G Herbo – Krack Flow Lyrics

I'm a money spender, I spend money nigga
If it's a ugly winter, I hustle all December
I was as broke as y'all, I know y'all remember
Now all I know is ball, I dunk on all beginners
I'm jumpin' out the gym my vertical on another level
Y'all broke ass got low class tell them bury me with a silver shovel
Jump hard, get bogard yeah that .45 like hella metal
Don't compare me to them other guys they gon' fall down like seven levels
Hold on nigga cut the track, my mans Bucks blew a hunnit' racks I was lovin' that
We spend racks, let me hit sacks I'mma double that
Bein' broke is what I struggle at I'm a real G if you ain't with me
Then you can't eat where ya muzzle at Essex block where I hustle at
Got that work out like a jumpin' jack
20s, 50s, where the hundreds at, you can always catch me where the money at
If it's rain out Im Where Its Sunny At
You ain't never walked in your mother room, seen her tied up
By a hundred goons, then get fired up by a hundred goons
If you try us then it's coming soon
That cash flow I don't play about it
Hawk a nigga all day about it, stomp a nigga all day about it
Chalk a nigga I don't play about it
Drop a body we don't say about it cause that snitchin' shit we don't do that
Bitches sweatin' me like a crew neck, cause I gotta eat where the food at?
Niggas hate on me why they do that? I got old beef but a new gat
Pockets green and my coupe black, red Pradas with the blue strap
I'm a Prada fiend, Gucci shirts, Robin Jeans, make a nigga baby Mama scream
Take a nigga baby mama dreams bitches love me
My city put no one above me, pull up and niggas faces ugly
Pockets full of faces on me, diamonds looking racist on me
Yeah that's all white
You don't like Herb? Shit that's all right
Wanna fight Herb? Shit that's all right
Have ya homie dodgin' bullets all night, all night

Hundred fiends at back door
But they don't want blow they say they lookin' for that krack flow
Well here it go here it go come get it while it's hot
We said I got that crack but you can't get it out the pot
This that K-R-A-C-K flow, got fans in San Diego
Ya bitch know I got peso, so she do as I say so
And that's whatever, my bars hotta than a 8 block
This shit gon' have you dope sick you get more crack when my tape drop
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