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Play They Role Lyrics

G Herbo – Play They Role Lyrics

[Intro: Lil Herb]
Let's get it
NLMB, man these niggas ain't fucking with me
L's, L's

[Verse 1: Lil Herb]
Park the Audi on the side-block
Hop out hit the corner, everybody tryna' swag jock
Lil Herby bitch, I'm the man out here
Bitches stand out here
Got them bands out here
If you cause a scene on the land out here
I just make a call and you stained out here
Now that's boss shit
And I talk shit cause my neck and wrists got my frostbit
Took this nigga bitch now he stalkin'
He can buy her back at the auction
I be countin' stacks, steady countin' stacks
Add more to it then I count 'em back
I will never change, nigga count on that
You ain't gotta hack cause I'm ballin
They be shootin' streets till they heater gone
Like they knees ain't strong then they fallin'
But I'm trained to go and my heater strong
They need to ball, bitch, I'm Spalding
Jordan's swish, they like "shorty sick"
I'm in Sacks Fifth blowing forty six
When they hear my age they go super sick
I'm a young nigga wit' a cougar bitch
I forever trap till I'm super rich
Ion't gotta flex, I be coolin' it
If he disrespect let that Ruger spit
Head shot, his medulla split
Ain't no leg shots when I'm shootin' shit
I got Steph Curry on the shootin' tip, that's a hit and win
Drop a nigga then hit again
Later catch me countin' dividends

[Interlude: Lil Herb]
Aye' Bibby let's get it man, fuck these niggas up

[Verse 2: Lil Bibby]
Big chopper, no Harley
Call me young Ali
Or M.J, I been great
Bow down to your sensei
I been real, they been fake
Dough boy, I been gettin' cake
I'm in the field with the biggest steel
That tough talkin', that'll get 'em killed
This shit is real, Lil Bibby I go nuts, I mean so nuts
Foreign cars when I roll up
Might hop out and just post up
Grab some blunts, roll those up
Tell bro call some hoes up
Niggas say they finna take off
But tell these niggas "what's the hold up?"
Cause I ain't seen nothin'
Kill shit, you ain't seen nothin', know what snitches get
Big guns for the witnesses
No talkin', I'm killin' shit
And I walk around with like seven thou'
Nigga rob me? You was probably dreamin'
Blow his brains out
What the fuck was you thinkin'
I stay strapped, you musta' been drinkin'
It's no lackin'
My bro packin'
See a opp and have bro clap him
Goin' hard its a fuckin' classic
Kobe with the blunt, don't pass it
I know the game like I'm Madden
I got work but I'm taxin'
Armor tough when in I'm traffic
Caught him at the light and then wacked him, uh

[Interlude: Lil Herb]
Told ya'll man niggas ain't fuckin wit us, NLMB 150, I'm going back in, lets get it! L's

[Verse 3: Lil Herb & Lil Bibby]

[Lil Herb]
Me and Bibby steady killin' tracks
Spending stacks and steady get 'em back
Sneak dissin, we'll get em wacked
Keep bitches, get them niggas back

[Lil Bibby]
[I ain't with all the chitter chat
I ain't lyin', I'm spittin' facts
Cocaine flow, I'm spittin' crack
30 shot clip, I'll give him that

[Lil Herb]
30 shots hit, he ain't healin' back
No sympathy when a nigga wacked
Street shit in me, I ain't feelin' that
G' shit in me, bitch, I'm peelin racks

[Lil Bibby]
Savin' hoes, I ain't into that
Trainin' hoes and then send em back
Your bitch on me cause I'm gettin, that
I ain't savin' money, I'm spendin' that]

[Lil Herb]
Range Rovers, take a spin in that
Forgiatos, bitches diggin' that
Horny models on a nigga sack
40 hollows sittin' in a Mac
Switching cars like I'm swithin' broads
No Limit gang, all my niggas stars
Doors tinted on my different cars
Foreign lot up in my bitch garage

[Lil Bibby]
My niggas ain't finna' starve
My niggas broke? You gettin' robbed
I'm in the booth steady spittin' bars
I'm the real deal, these niggas frauds
And I'm pullin' these niggas cards
Lotta niggas tryna act hard, let the gat spark
Find his ass in the backyard
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