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Herbo (Intro) Lyrics

G Herbo – Herbo (Intro) Lyrics

Fuck next up, I took off a while back
And all I ever do is fuck bitches and count stacks
Yeah I spazz, I just run through them digits and bounce back
Niggas mad, pillow talking to bitches about rap

No limit and it's no limit to this street shit
Got the whole city on MB dick
Since I threw Reese on the remix
But I been doing this rap shit and street shit
You can always catch me over east with it
And my niggas shoot for no reason cause the opps got poor defense

First off bitch it's EBK, GDK
Terror Town, slam the rakes
Grab the eight, blam his face
That's how I handle shit
Fazoland, candles lit
Seven-nine, Essex ho
Shit'll get hectic, ho

If you lowkey, better hope it last, cause we on that
And I don't think y'all want that
Leave a nigga stinking on Colfax
Speeding in the Lincoln, no throwback
Now I'm back up on the Essex block
.30 poppers with a extra Glock
My niggas got 47 sweating hot
So you better run when that Beretta cocked

M-O-B I don't love a ho
Imma be this way 'til I'm forty six
Matter of fact 'til a nigga die
Smoke kush blunts 'til a nigga cry
And I never feed off another man
Cause I understand how a nigga lie
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