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Amber Lyrics

Flatsound – Amber Lyrics

So we move a little slower now
Because we feel it in our hearts
And i promise to keep my fingers crossed
Until the pain tears them apart
But escaped were the words so gray
Like a cloud crowded sky
And i can’t stop the rainy day
If its pouring from your eyes
And i almost died
Hearing you cry

Our bodies held each other close, embracing every shake
As that awful stutter tainted every word i tried to say
And we talked about our first time staring at that perfect line
Where we watched the blues dance with the amber black on canvas skies
And how it ate the sun
For the sake of night

So we danced a little slower
Because we felt it in our hearts
My fingers were fine the way they were
I would have kept them crossed
And i know it wasn’t up to you
But everything you do
Well it hurts more than anything could hurt
More than anything could ever hurt
And i went to our favorite spot
Sat upon the rocks
And i screamed at the fucking sun
And i screamed at the ocean blue
For not being as beautiful
Without you
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