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A Single Thread Lyrics

Flatsound – A Single Thread Lyrics

I was pulled out of bed by a single thread
It tugged me to death by my clothing
And i was lead to a door i’d never seen before
With an old gentle glow of it’s opening
I was a child pressed against your flower dress
I clung to it like i did before i lost you
And i could tell you were cured, you were happier
Your perfect words were the comfort that you offered

I sat and thought about the way that women talk
How carefully their words were chosen
And without missing a beat, you lift me off my feet
And throw me in the depths of the ocean

I had a dream that i couldn’t breathe
That the vicious sea was attacking
It wrestled my tongue as it filled my lungs
With the pressure that i’d been avoiding
And i sank to the depths where the bodies slept
And a sign that read it’s warnings
“he who opens his mouth while already drowned
Insults the knowledge of the ocean”

So i sat inside to wait for it to dry
Until the sun had turned the sea into a meadow
When i opened my eyes you were by my side
Waiting for me with the trees and the pebbles

I said, “how could this be”. you said, “i just followed the string
That comes to me when i sleep, when i’m dreaming
My little star, my baby love, i wasn’t giving up
Just taking the break i thought i needed”
I said, “build me a wall thats indestructible
Place it all around my body
Have it blocking the sun so that when it comes
And i’ll be right here where you left me”

I’ll sleep away the sadness of today
And bury deep in the sheets that surround me
Yeah i’ll sleep until the blankets and the quilts
Dissolve into the soil around me
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