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Outro Lyrics

Flatsound – Outro Lyrics


[Outro: Spoken Word]
In second grade, I take that back
In first grade, there was a book
And it was like, a book about a spider
And this, it was this lady spider
With eyelashes and big lips
And it was like the black widow story
And it was a picture book
And it would walk around, and it would eat other bugs
Like grasshoppers, and ants, and flies
And at the very end, they like burst out of their belly
And you know, all those other bugs would win
But I wouldn't read that part, 'cause I didn't like that part
And I'd always be upset when
The other kids were reading that book
I remember going to school
And very much looking forward to reading that book every day
I, I don't know why
But that was the closest thing I had to a sexual turn-on
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