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Irreparable Pieces Lyrics

Flatsound – Irreparable Pieces Lyrics

Remember when you promised that you would never leave me?
That your heart would never stop shining the light
That kept me warm during the winter
And whole when it was summer
And holds me like no other light before

Like the petals of a flower taking chance in its abundance
Take for granted what they gave you every day
But when autumn takes them back
I don't know who to ask

I haven't left the house in ages, I'm so scared that I am dying
Pray to God that I'm not ready, slow my heart, and keep on trying
To tidy up the mess that I've been making most of my life
And continue making music that I know you only like
Listening to when you're in my shoes

Remember when you promised that this would never happen?
It said so in the letter that you wrote
Now I'm so cold during the winter
I want to die when it's summer
I hope you die when another has your heart

And smashes it into irreparable pieces
And leaves them on a cold, tile floor
Projected to the open where your mother can clearly see them
As she steps over the mess that you once were
So they'll be forced to lie right there next to mine
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