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You're Okay Office Lyrics

Ernie – You're Okay Office Lyrics

"First, prolonged stress causes people to regress their psychological growth reverses and they become more immature hehehehe they rapidly become more childish hehehehe and primitive much like a person being sick for several days
Becoming more irritable and childish in it's demands on other people, hehehe"

[Hook (5x)]
Wait in a coming but a Banger Banger

[Verse 1]
Even though the presence of occupational
Stresses appear to be well documented, though not
Without controversy, the causes of workplace stress
Are comparatively unclear or even a matter
Of conjecture
Although individual policemen
And institutional public relations typically cite the risks
Of being killed in the line of duty
As the predominant source of stress for individual policemen
There is significant controversy regarding
The causes of personal workplace stress due to the fact
That the actual risk of being killed
Is so small relative to other
Occupations in a bats
Rest in peace, motherfuckin up to place
Shit but bitch, in a hanger
Wait in a coming, but a Banger Banger


[Verse 2]
Line of duty deaths are deaths which occur while an officer
Is conducting his or her appointed duties
Despite the increased risk of being a victim of a homicide
Automobile accidents are the most common
Cause of officer deaths
Officers are more likely to be involved
In traffic accidents because of their large amount
Of time spent conducting vehicle patrols
Or directing traffic, as well as their work outside
Their vehicles alongside or on the roadway
Or in dangerous pursuits
Officers killed by suspects make up a smaller proportion
Of deaths
In the cops in flatline, oh shit line of duty deaths
Were recorded of which niggas were from assaults on officers
Niggero vehicle related only shit during vehicular pursuits
And the rest from other causes
Heart attacks during arrests
Foot pursuits
Falling from heights during foot chases
Wait in a coming, but a Banger Banger


[Verse 3]
Get my own office line up to me
Back office in a sorry motherfucker ass me
No type, try me, lifestyle, how bout now
Deep in a very inside deep-blue how
Motherfucker devil's night in a bed
Dead body in a streetz in I'm now dead
Need that's devil his blood spillin own my got bullet in a kids
Motherfuckin sorry I'm a clubbin' up 'em in I'm said
I said ''Aaaahhh'' or a doctor my aaaaahhhh
Street life let of the wolf out owwww aaaaahhhh
Kill a nigga his blast behave
No silly, coconuts pimpin' up a grave
Huh, nigga bert any ernie self shit
You spittin' out, got my niggas in a hit
On ripture cuttin up a screamin hanger
Wait in a coming, but a Banger Banger


You're Okay, Pearl
*evil laughing*
That's murder
*evil laughing*
You're Okay, SpongeBob
*evil laughing*
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