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See Gonna Did Lyrics

Ernie – See Gonna Did Lyrics

Alone in more there wah f's
Hip Hop or live they lookin they producer rappas in the 49's
I can't hehehehhhehe on the works said 5 seconds to clock
Me hurting 4 seconds
In minutes a live, leave in

[Verse 1: Ernie]
Hurry, hurry, all up time fuckers
Ernie sma rippin up a leavin
In a grip very rip nigga right
Dawg ya triple up in leavin up map sesame
I gonna be and south
I'ma but gangs in or Dumbledore gang
You better same
But gangster studio but how Ernie
So see gonna did, hehe, I know
Somethin up rippin like Elmo in day on hop
Keep ya bad fuckin up a kill a top motherr
Oh shit mental up
Wait gonna livin eh fuck up
I'm dirty dirty dirt some 30 30 thirt
But ya them it shot ya bitch
Well Puppet Pals, not ever some slang
Shouting live ground 20 blood or grumpy cat
Gang very dies
Give those knot in me chalk don't even my killer he
You better not this I gonna rip slap ya bitch
I gonna like Puppet Pals
Or it's dyin' in the fork, yo, small cat red
Give me 6 my nine been to me letter to Dumb
Somethin' wrong with page now
Ernie got dyin' on a west coast
13-12 Leave Box Map
Look Dumb got ass demon ass on life
A cut on the floor, so behind you fear
Somebody help me comin through
(Deadly on the casket on throw you)
(Deadly on the casket on throw you)
It's slap down ya bang-bang-bang any dirty
(Deadly on the casket on throw you)

Get up muddy mud
Get on peal
Yo, see gonna did?
See gonna did, on you throw in here?

See gonna did
(... wut gonna did alone...)
See gonna did, on you throw in here
(... gonna died on fuckup life)
See gonna did
See gonna did, on you throw in here
See gonna did
(... wut gonna did alone...)
See gonna did baby Bear
(... gonna did on fuckup life)

[Verse 2: Baby Bear]
A keeps in the end
Give gonna comin' pumpin' on the streets land
Somethin up a creep
Screamin fuckers on hip hop
Snoop doesn't seriously watch that shit, he’ll peep n say
It's dope jus cuz that nigga is positive
About anything now matter how truly lame
It is stop tryna get rappers to give you
An excuse to watch anime go talk about
Ur fake cartoon world wit the rest
Of the idiots who wish they had
‘dbz powers’
All yall niggas ducks fucka, see gonna did
Fucka, see gonna did
Fucka, see gonna did
Come back in feed on a dead body
Seven in bodies in nappy to doin
See gonna did
See gonna did, on you throw in here


Store gangsta
See hurtin gonna myself on
See in a SpongeBob SquarePants' on
About a week ago, as I enjoyed abnormally slow
Starbucks Wi-Fi, two young women walked up
To my friends and me
They had a question that I did not expect until after
It was asked it was a cultural question
Puppet Pals, the Harry Potter composed of so many layers
That I doubt they understood
I’m sure they failed to understand ONLY through lack of trying
That one question opened my already ponderous mind to a sea of worrisome thoughts
What was this awful question
Hip hop very dies
Motherrr boom ahhaa
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