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End Skill Bitch Lyrics

Ernie – End Skill Bitch Lyrics

Hello Beaker
Fuck it bitch
200 bichasneguz-Er
The bitchasneguz date
In the dead bichasneguz f's
You better not got my fuck about that...

[Big Bird]
Dear whoever
You are a fuckin idiot to put a sight on like this
Why did you name it this
What if some innocent little kid
Comes on and sees your mutha fuckin job site
They will start getting ideas
So shut the hell up and stop this shit
You are an idiot to do this
And if you don't cancel this website
I will send you a ton of hate
Messages everyday
Now stop this and
Change your site name
If you want to have a website
On how to get a job
Like for example
Later, bitch!
We are a community of motherfucking programmers
Who have been humiliated by software development Methodologies for years
We are tired of XP, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Software Craftsmanship (aka XP-Lite)
And anything else getting in the way of
Programming, Motherfucker
We are tired of being told we're autistic idiots who need to be Manipulated to work in a Forced Pair Programming
Chain gang without any time to be creative because none
Of the 10 managers on the project can do
Programming, Motherfucker

Yeah if a motherfuckin' real hip-HOP in mouth day
So wanna do gonna slap ya faces of making died
I don't give a fuck...

[Mary J. Blige]
We must destroy these methodologies that get in the way
Of Programming, Motherfucker in a place
We think the shit on the left
Is really just the con
In the middle
And that we really need
To just do the thing on the right
Programming, Motherfucker
Put in the [?] (?) [?] (?) [?]
Don't better make gonna Gangsta

[Oscar The Grouch]
G-A-N-G-S-T-A better G-funk motherfucker G-funk
Where do I start? It's not you
Well actually it is you
Look, I'm just not...
I'm not attracted to you anymore
I need space
You kinda...
You kinda gross me out
In the beginning it was different
In the beginning, you were better
But then I got to know you real well
And I came to realize...
That you're a fat idiot [?] (?) [?]

Hurry, hurry

I know in a family just fuck my bitch open it taker
It's Bichasneguz in a effect but now in the loaf [x3]
I know in a family just fuck my bitch open it taker
It's Bichasneguz in a effect but now "Fuck it bitch"

Better not gang to me G funk you gangsta rapper fools
Then Bert gonna afraid us to kill it in a caught on hoods
Keep you mouth open shit curb dawgz suppose to me
In a F in the niggas M R Ernie
In a but gangsta
But now should you heaven
Kill a nigga
But a nigga
Chill a nigga
Fuck it bitch
Buck it bitch
Luck it bitch
Shark is bitch
You better not
You better not
And through gotta dot
And through gotta dot
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