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Springfield E Lyrics

Ernie – Springfield E Lyrics

[Intro: Beaker talking]

[Verse 1: Ernie]
But so a "Ass The Copper" song music a friends
Put so the, ?
But so a happy and gun
I through? gun
Somethin' sun
Put in my gun,
I know, so I know
But the Sesame street gangsta rap beat 4 the another
From the Mary J. Blige, DJ Beaker,
Give I'm all bleed y'all come thru creepin on dyin
Dyin to me,

Building of Sesame (x2)
Building of, building of Sesame, lovely, lovely

[Verse 2: Ernie]
From nigga come on come all sum tales
Come in somethin look at fuck with me
So but how bout tonight but tonight
I'll long mon 'them ya little speccy cunt square-go like'
I'm dude up through nigga comin' now in bleed
Somethin ya put little shut ya mouth
Everything go like' first tomorrow, so me in behave on
It's on nigga, bitch, fucker, ass, lickin, suckin, fuckin, about
Mary J. Blige, motherfuckin' Sesame
City L.A., the copper to police
A police coughin up bleed that's enough
The bleed whenever what like David Guetta bodies like you
Professor, South I.A.,
Fuck nobody moves, nobody get hurt
Sick through I'm screen up da frontline shit
Shit that (Uh huh)
Come back (Uh huh)
Somethin wrong (Uh huh)
Come on please (Uh huh)
But funeral laughin did I fun it
So I wanna die I just bleed in my home
Hope that in ya cut my shit off (Uh huh)
Bye to me shit cut to me for you bleed
Sure had did share fuckin wit there bleed
Put em in my bleed so my head bats to me
One, two, three for you bleed to me
Girl shit on ya night y'all

Coming Through (x3)

Be won't dead (x3)

Eeeh no
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