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Nirvana Lyrics

Eazy Mac – Nirvana Lyrics

Addressing the elephant in the room
It's been better since ever since I took medicines in the womb
I'm a 80's baby maybe it made me act a little crazy
And lately I've been thinking just burying me with all my jewels

I'm a god now (yeah!)
Made so money I bought my moms house
Made so much money who let the dogs out
I got barbies on my phone
Nicki Minaj now
Wanna minaj now (wow)

The aftermath of disasters
I'm laughing at all the bastards
That asked for Matt to come after
It doesnt matter you're last year
I got a bachelor of arts and a
Masters in fuckin' rappin
I'll slap you with fucking ad-libs
Remember sleeping on mattresses
Now I'm sleeping in mansions
Remember sleeping in Ranchman's
And now I'm sleeping in Hamptons
It happens (wow)
Imagine this shit
Errybody staring at you like you magic and shit
Lil bit (yeah)
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