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Tortured Genius Lyrics

Eazy Mac – Tortured Genius Lyrics

[Tor, tor tortured Brain, Tor, tor tortured brain
Tortured Brain, Tortured Brain] x 2

This be the mind of a tortured genius
Rhymes are wrote and tore to pieces
Fly to Portland or to Cleveland
North of Egypt, north of Sweden
Or to Phoenix, find a Mormon vegan
Feed him pork and beans
Hope you eat it with some cheese
And a corn tortilla, yeah

All day I dream about sex
Endorse Adidas fuck the world with Morgan Freeman's
Four foot three enormous penis
Why ya sleeping on me homies
Least the bed is orthopedic
Roll the weed up, men are from Mars
That’s why I orbit Venus

Exploring foreign regions
Gorgeous bitches, gorgeous beaches
From Miami or Ibiza dreaming 'bout my Mona Lisa
Being kept in old museums on display for those to see it
Type of art where rope is needed
These artists had no idea
'Bout these paid dues
That paint through
These pictures we paint you
It's why we sip grey goose
It's why we know quaaludes
The things that do change you
The haters that hate you
I’m keeping they face screwed
Like eating a grapefruit

Yo bitch just swallowed my whole dick
That’s just that brain food
I hit whatever gets thrown at me
That’s just that Babe Ruth
I’m going to war, that’s Beirut
Holding the fort before day two
That’s day one, it's Eazy (it's Eazy) the same dude (yeah)
Running the game so long now I got dirty feet (yeah)
Funny I came along and had a murder spree (yeah)
Now your favorite rapper needs a surgery
This the main attraction, so I’m asking lift the curtains please

[Tor, tor tortured Brain, Tor, tor tortured brain
Tortured Brain, Tortured Brain] x 3

When we are really honest with ourselves
We must admit our lives are all that really belongs to us
So it is how we use our lives that determines the kind of man you are
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