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Unconscious Lyrics

DVSR – Unconscious Lyrics

(1st Verse)

Stop taking steps in the wrong direction
You're lost in belief
And your life's affected
You're restless
When you wake up in the morning
You're lost without a cause
And you follow the rest, I can feel it

Looking down from the birds eye
I can see you looking up
And you're searching for an answer
Cure for the cancer
The meaning of living
The reason you're giving up

Follow your path
And dwell in your plot
Learn from your past
The future is here may you take it

(Embrace it)

Don't let them break it
You need to swallow your hatred

When you face these knights up in their shining armour
Recognise that metal
Has not been dented
No battle scars
Thus proving they haven't been tested
Forget them

(2nd Verse)

And it's like you're trapped up in this maze
All emotion locked away in a cage
You've been buried alive
Can you feel the wet cement turn hard when its sealing you're eyes
The lies you've discovered
The truth that's been covered

What a cover up
How abrupt
Do I gotta be
The fresh scent of burning flesh filled the skies
Their thoughts stay disguised
So take a breath

What did you expect
In world where belief overrides common sense
The concrete hardens when it enters your chest
They told you to breath
You believed you would live?

These leaders that lead us to death, of an edge of a cliff
Believe in your knowledge
Their theories are leaving us brain dead
Lets not let them exist


You are oblivious, become aware
Don't assume until you truly understand
Entrust in stars and blame the fucking government
You are now more corrupt
Then the ones you have conformed against. (x2)


It's just one more religion
We're adding into our history

You are diseased
But we possess the fucking immunity.(x2)

(3rd Verse)

(And you will notice that their time is up,)
When the last grain of sand drops in the hour glass
(that their reign has passed)
It'll be because of us
The ones with the logic
The humans who can distinguish a lie
From a promise, the ones with the common knowledge

Who engage our greater feelings
Neglect never consent the concealing, reveal these
Scars they were leaving
Mind over matter
The wounds will start healing

Mother fuck these heartless cunts
Who try to touch without their feeling

Take a look and you will see
Gaze into my retinas
You can picture it looking better than it is now
Open your ears now
To what is clear now
You have potential
Become effective they won't forget you


(Extended chorus)

Trust me I know why you do believe
It's divine it brings you hope
You learn to cope
But you're narrow minded
You can't let go
You wouldn't know what's blinding
Your sight
Stay far away from the liars
Become you you won't need any guidance
Relate to yourself feel what you want
We aren't machines we don't beat with the same heart
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